Monday, July 11, 2011

Shock Leaders

Well it was so foggy this morning it was pretty much raining and the wind was blowing ~20mph but the tide was pretty good so I decided to go try some fishing off a jetty. After about 30 minutes of fishing my hands were wet from the fog, and so cold from the wind I could hardly feel or move them, and it was really screwing up my casting, either letting the line slip and the lure going straight up or letting the line go too late and the lure dives into the water. On one cast I either screwed something up badly or my line was worn from the rocks but there was a loud snap behind my head, and my lure was gone. If you are fishing with no one around this is okay, but in a group of people a lure flying away can be pretty dangerous. A solution to this is to use a shock leader, basically a heavier line that wraps the spool 5-8 times then goes the length of the rod and back down to the reel. Most people seem to use 10lb test per ounce they are casting. I was casting 2 ounces with 12lb test. You might be wondering why not just use all 20lb test, well on the reel I was using I could probably only hold 100 yards of 20lb test, so with a 25-35 yard cast, then a big fish that wants to swim away you could run out of line.


  1. Dont know the first thing about fishing but i guess this is a chance to learn a bit :)

  2. And your pocket will be lighter if you lose a lure. They cost a fair bit these days...

  3. Never used a shock leader, but then again I use pretty light tackle on small inland lakes. Following a fellow fisherman