Saturday, July 2, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about a hobby I would like to get into. There were some conditions:
1. Not too expensive, I really don't have any spare money so the cheaper the better.
2. Some element of danger, other then a paper cut or inhaling too much glue.
3. Something that most people have seen or heard of so I can use it in conversations.
4. Putting me in contact with people, something where I need to go outside.

So with that in mind I looked at things I have done before, or have some interest in.
1. Rock climbing - Have enough gear to go to gyms and climb but nothing suitable for outdoor climbing.
2. Auto racing - Could get a car pretty cheap to work on, but there are no tracks nearby other than a drag strip
3. Surfing - I have a knee board I can use, and a wetsuit.
4. Fishing - I guess this could already be one of my hobbies but I kind of stopped doing it.
5. Offroad motorcycling - Have a motorcycle and gear.

There were some other but I can't seem to remeber them now. I think I am going to get back into fishing. There are a lot of sharks and such near where I live so I think I will target them rather than the smaller stuff. I figure I will make me go to the beach, and there are people there, so maybe I could talk to them. Also Sharks fight pretty good so that should be fun, and pulling a shark out of the water is sure to get peoples attention, and fisherman(hopefully women) always want to talk about fishing so well see how that goes.

I have gone fishing the last 3 days, and plan to go the next 2, so far the fishing has all been on secluded rocks that most normal people wouldn't climb so I hardly saw anyone, and the fishing was pretty slow, but it is much better then sitting around at home.

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  1. auto racing! very useful life skills :) and super fun! imo