Sunday, July 10, 2011


So I am curious about other peoples reasons about why they moved away from home. I was living at home, going to school, and working part time.  I guess it was a pretty good deal no bills to speak of but it got to the point where I couldn't stand living here anymore, so I decided to transfer to a school several hundred miles away. Now when I come home to visit, before hand I look forward to it, when I get here it is nice not having to cook, and in general being on vacation from normal life. However after being here for a week I am starting to feel like a live here again, and I think it is a feeling of a lack of independence. Today I woke up early went for a run, and then went down to the beach and went fishing, got home at 1 pm ate lunch and took a nap, but I got woke up and "in trouble" for sleeping rather then helping my dad clean the garage. So for those of you who visit your parents as a vacation, do they let you have vacation or act like you never left?

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  1. Great post,Interested in hearing more from you mate. My parents are chill, and they let me fly their planes and drive their cars. They cook my meals and give me privacy!

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