Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prescription drugs.

So kind of a continuation of last weeks post. Why do you need a prescription for prescription drugs. When I have talked to people about this it seems the 2 main concerns were people using the wrong medication for their ailment, or people abusing the drugs. As far as I can tell any drug worth abusing is already readily available on the street, if people want experiment with this stuff they will find a way to do it. The concern about people self medicating I can kind of understand, it seems there is a lot of concern about people not taking a full course of antibiotics which can make some drug resistant infections. However I think most of us will take a pill for a headache without consulting a doctor, and if we have left over pills for a previous prescription we will take those if similar symptoms occur. Growing up I had a re-occurring illness, seemed every 2 months I was going to the doctor, hardly did any examination wrote the prescription and sent me on my way. My parents knew what was wrong with me, the doctor knew what was wrong with me, but I still had to go in to get the prescription, seems like a waste of time and money. On the other hand I can see people go to the drug store and buying the wrong thing and causing themselves some problems. I guess I see it as just another way for people to meddle in our lives. I like to imagine people that didn't know what was wrong with them would go to the doctor and find out, and those of us that already knew could skip that step and just get what we need. So what do you think, am I crazy for thinking people would be responsible enough for this? 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Harder than I thought.

My previous blogs have all failed because I lost interest, no so much the case with this one, just so busy. I have been looking for a summer job, hopefully something that would keep me in shape and such. Well I found something that would do that, concrete work, but the owner said they are hiring now and if I waited till summer to start they would probably have to hire someone else. Luckily they aren't too busy right now, so I am able to work afternoons when I don't have school. Anyone that has worked with concrete knows it is a pretty tiring endeavor, it is also pretty abrasive to your hands, So I have been getting home at night, and pretty much failing asleep at my desk working on homework, I also managed to turn my alarm off 3 days in a row without even waking up, luckily my brother has been around to knock me out my chair.

Kind of a continuation of my previous post about laws. I saw a documentary about smugglers, I think it was a BBC thing. Basically following customs along as the intercept drug/tobacco/merchandise smugglers.  What I found interesting is that most of the reasons I have heard about why drugs are illegal is because of harm it causes to people/families/society. In this show I don't remember any mention this, every time they found something they explained it as a monetary value. Marijuana, heroin, etc they gave a street price, and tobacco they all explained how the smugglers were "bad people" because the taxes they wouldn't have paid were taking away from schools and road work. So it kind of made me wonder, Do governments really care about the possible "decay of society" because of drug use, or is it all just about lost revenue from taxes? Also I have done any research into how much money is spent on customs enforcement but I wonder if it ends up costing more than the lost taxes from smugglers.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about laws and why we follow them. At least form my point of view there aren't many laws I would want to break, and the ones I would mostly involving gun control, I know the penalties and don't want to risk it. However things like murder, I would imagine most of use view murder as wrong but it still happens. Do murders simple not care if they are caught, or they don't think they will be, or maybe they are willing to risk it? I think a lot of what I believe to be right and wrong came from my parents also growing up I went to a small school and was shy so I think I avoided a lot of peer pressure. I know it might be kind of personal and possibly incriminating, but what do you guys think, do you break laws you don't agree with and is possibly getting caught really a deterrence?