Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That took longer than I thought it would.

Well that was a long but I think necessary break from not only blogging but "Life" in general. After writing so many papers for school that looking back at were a waste of time except for getting a grade (they did nothing to make me further understand the topics they were about) I was pretty tired of sitting down and writing. The concrete guy I was working for turned out to be not entirely truthful about the hiring process, turns out he over hires, sees which people show up the most, then fires everyone else. So going to school meant I hardly ever was able to work and didn't make the cut. Then I started to realize that many of the people I had gone to school with were graduating, getting jobs, married, having kids; I got pretty demotivated for a few weeks, I have pretty much wasted 4 years going to school, constantly changing majors trying to find something that I could live with. I think the final thing was a realization about The World of Warcraft; I have devoted almost all of my free time to WoW, so when I moved to a new city leaving the few friends I had hundreds of miles away, rather than going out a meeting new people, I sat inside with the guild. Well when the guild feel apart, some of the friends I had made simply quit the game, and others moved on to other guilds I am not really comfortable with. On top of that some relationships greater than friendships developed between some of these people, leaving me feeling like a 3rd wheel of sorts. So all of that left me pretty discouraged and I don't want to say depressed but I guess that is the word that fits. After a few weeks, a couple weeks of vacation and camping and mostly thinking, I think I can use it all as something positive. WoW has become incredibly boring to me, I still log on to see whats going on, but it seems without hardcore play I really have nothing to talk to my friends about. I am trying to find ways to meet some new people which is somewhat difficult because I don't drink or do drugs and can't stand being around people who are inebriated, and living in a college towns means that is how most people relax. Also sitting inside leaves me with nothing to do now, So I am trying to find some outdoor hobbies that might put me in contact with possible friends. I want to continue this blog but not having any clear topic is also more problematic then I thought it would be. I was thinking I could write my philosophy on life and how people should act, but that would probably be boring and get me in trouble. So maybe one of my potential hobbies with lead to a good topic.