Friday, February 11, 2011

So a Blog?

Yeap, that's right a Blog. I have tried this before but always got tired of it after one posting, mostly because thinking about having to post something made me not want to do it. So why would I want to try again? Well I am thinking that having something to do daily or nearly daily might be a good way to develop a routine that could be useful for other things like working out, or remembering to eat. Also I spend a lot of time thinking about random things, come to a conclusion and move on. Usually by the next day I have forgotten everything form the previous day which seems like a waste of time, so maybe right them down at the end of the day would be useful. So expect rants on people I see while commuting, stupid stuff in the news, questions about why things are they way they are, and really anything else I happen to be thinking about.


  1. Nice blog, I will follow.
    Be sure to check mine out and comment =)

  2. I love this. But the problem is that there are so many blogs... But nice blog anyway !