Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finally the weekend!

Well that's the end of one of the longest weeks of school I can remember. Slept till noon, then did a weeks worth of dishes, cleaned, and vacuumed. Rest of the day was spent sorting through ~3800 pictures from 2010, every once and a while I go through a delete anything I don't like, flag some to look at later, color code pictures for panoramas or HDRs, and then edit and export a few. In a month or two I will look at my exported pictures and not like them, but I guess that's the way you get better.

And now for something to complain about.  So this past week we got a lot of rain and hail around here. My commute is about 40 miles round trip and most of that is freeway, or driving though a city with no pedestrian traffic to think of, however when I get within a mile of my house I need to drive by a University. Now this street, runs parallel to the freeway so there is no reason for people to walking around except at the one pedestrian bridge that goes over the freeway. This bridge goes directly into a crosswalk with a stop sign, So I come to a stop, some guy walks up to the corner, and stops, so I start driving and then he decides he is going to walk out in front of me. he had an umbrella so I guess he didn't see me, but really who walks out into the street with out even looking? Last year there were some people that would walk out into traffic just to mess with the people driving, maybe that guy was just looking for someone to sue, but maybe he should pick something smaller than a 7000 pound truck to get hit by.

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